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Silicon Valley: A Technology and Entrepreneurship Hub

Silicon Valley Campus

Silicon Valley is recognized as a center of innovation, entrepreneurship, and growth. Home to some of the most important tech companies and startups in the world—including Facebook, Google, Apple, Cisco, and Adobe—the Silicon Valley area has significant needs for uniquely educated technology professionals.

As the first hub to be co-located with an industry partner, Integrated Device Technology, we have dedicated 8,000 square feet in the company’s San Jose location to serve as an incubator for top-tier talent, producing students with graduate degrees and certificates who have real-world, marketplace relevance.

Whether you earn your graduate degree solely online, on-campus, or both, you can never underestimate the importance of having access to the people and resources of a physical, regional campus hub.

Northeastern University-Silicon Valley: Serving Regional Industries

From computer science and data analytics to cybersecurity and information systems, Northeastern University’s Silicon Valley program is uniquely aligned with the region’s economic development and workforce needs.

Here, students benefit from the university’s 220,000-plus local and international alumni who serve as resources for mentorship, corporate residencies, and career trajectory advice. In addition, students enrolled at Northeastern University-Silicon Valley will be able to bring their real-world work projects and challenges into the classroom to discuss and dissect with fellow students and industry-leading faculty members.


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